Delivering full screen ads to community members in over 120 countries, every time they receive a call or text message on their smartphone.

It is a new way for brands and our advertising partners, local merchants and global brands to reach customers on their favorite, ‘always-on’, most convenient communication channel – their mobile device.


Mobile Opportunities

Over 1,000,000,000 smartphones in the world today.

People make, receive or avoid 22 phone calls every day and send or receive messages 23 times a day.

81% per cent of smartphone users make calls every day compared with 53 per cent of ‘regular’ users.

CellAd Advertising

Connecting you to your consumers on the go.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Ad catalogued and loaded into the CellAd database.
User receives a call or SMS. The ad is displayed. Ad can be viewed later and purchases can be made by clicking the ad.
Full profile and demographics of confirmed ad views are relayed to advertiser.

CellAd Community

Members in over 120 countries

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We are pioneering a new form of mobile advertising using the AdKoin app to directly reward members for viewing ads every time they receive a call or text message.