Mar 05 2013

World Assurance Group enters the global mobile advertising industry with acquisition of CellAd, Inc.

World Assurance Group announces that it recently completed the acquisition of CellAd, Inc., a development stage company operating in the newly significant and rapidly growing global “mobile advertising” industry. Full details of the transaction can be found at

CellAd is a digital media company based in Ireland that has developed, along with its partners, a revolutionary advertising platform that allows advertisers and brands to deliver high definition, full screen adverts, coupons and click-through offers to subscribers every time that subscriber receives an inbound call or text message on their smartphone. Advertisers can directly manage content, and campaigns to chosen demographic and geographic audiences using advances in location based technologies and smartphone applications. CellAd will pay a fee – in cash or points – directly to subscribers for every advert displayed on their smartphone once they have registered and downloaded the app.
Mr. Sean McVeigh, the new CEO of World Assurance Group, said, “We are very pleased to have completed our transaction with WDAS, which we believe will provide us the platform to exploit this huge opportunity. The global mobile advertising market is experiencing unprecedented growth as the usage of smartphones has ballooned in recent years and that trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Leading market analyst firm Gartner sees the global mobile advertising market reaching $20 billion per year in the next three years alone and we strive to be a significant player in this new and exciting market going forward.”

To download the full news release, please click here.